Rules in Roulette

These bets consist of certain number or combination of numbers in Roulette layout. According to the rules, sum total of all your bets needs to be equal to the minimum of the board. For instance if you wish to play online roulette that has $6 as minimum on the table, and you wish to bet for each and every roulette number then you have the option of gambling one dollar, otherwise six dollars on one particular number or a combination of both.

Inside Bets in Roulette

Straight-Up Bet

It is the simplest bet in Roulette. Selecting any of the thirty seven numbers and keeping the chips down for that number would provide a chance for regaining thirty five to one.

Roulette as a Game of Chance and Winning Odds

Split Bet

One has the option of putting a single bet on 2 numbers when these happen to be on the either side of layout. You need to keep your chips by the border in between the two. Here you get a chance for seventeen to one when it shows up.

Square Bet

For this bet you need to place the chips within the joint of zero & 3 situated at the corner. And you win as soon as you know that either of zero, one, two or three is struck. Here you get rewarded with eight to one.

Corner Bet

In corner bet or other known, as Square bet, players bet for each of the 4 numbers and could be rewarded with the ratio of eight to one.

Outside Bets in Roulette

These are bets that keep out of main play-zone consisting of the thirty seven numbers. There's no win for zero results for outside bets winning. As per rules, outside bets must be equal to the minimum of the board and the player is not supposed to merge rate of his bids. Outside bets of roulette can be broadly divided into high or low and red or black. The roulette high or low bet allows betting on your desired numbers by putting the chips in the corresponding number cases at roulette table. And for roulette red or black you need to put your bet in one of those diamond shaped regions that are filled with either red or black color.