Video Poker

Taking into consideration the fact that almost all gambling games have impressive long history the appearance of video poker approximately forty years ago seems to be not really significant. However, its short history together with contemporary incredible popularity is exactly what amazes gamblers and experts.

Video Poker: Learning the Best from the Best

Video Poker history is closely connected with the development of online slots. Actually, first slots initially were poker machines and implied 3 spinning reels with cards depicted on them which had different value. Later card symbols were changed on fruits, 7s and other slot stuff. More than half of the century after in era of computerization Dale Electronics presented the first poker machine called Poker-Matic. Our generation would definitely describe that machine as a refrigerator with a big screen. Then in 1975 Walt Fraley created the first video slot machine but it didn't gain popularity amongst gamblers. People considered depicted on the screen (but not existed in reality) reels to be strange and suspicious.

Another ultimate video poker machine named Draw Poker was introduced by Sircoma (IGT) in 1979 and became very popular. Since that time the fame of video poker rises as well as the video poker technologies improve.

For Video Poker Beginners

Video poker can be described as a qualitative mix of card game and slot machine. Similar to every single casino game the first main rule for beginners is to learn the video poker rules properly and to understand those clearly. Moreover, it's not difficult at online video poker which implies player's several simple actions like 'deal', 'draw', 'hold' or 'discard'.

What is the most important - house edge of video poker is lower compared to many other exciting casino games. This game can be trumped only by Jacks, blackjack or Better and has a usual house edge of 0.46%. In comparison with roulette and slots the house edges of which vary from 1 to 25 % and from 2.7 to 5.26 % respectively it seems to be a great deal between casino and players.

It is silly to assert that video poker is a game of luck. Every video poker player definitely will need skills in order to win the game. Always remember that any video poker game is a good cocktail of surprise and challenge.