Craps: Game of Chance with Lots of Opportunities

Craps is one of those games where the dice are used. A player places his bets on the outcome of a roll, the pair of dice and the series of rolls. Actually he may choose on what to bet from the previously mentioned options. Moreover, there are two different types of craps called street craps (when players bet against each other) and bank craps (also called casino craps, when players try to beat the casino). The street version of the game in question can be easily played anywhere since it doesn't require much of equipment. It requires knowledge instead as well as understanding of craps strategy.

Bank Craps

As it has been already mentioned above a bank or casino craps is performed by a player or several players who play against the gambling establishment. All players' bets are covered at the table while odds are set on the payout. One by one the players roll 2 dice. The one who rolls the dice is called 'shooter'. The bets of players are placed by other participants on the rolls of shooter. The players place chips on diverse areas of the gaming table which pay out accordingly to the rolled numbers.

It is obligatory to bet the minimum stated by table or 'pass' and 'don't pass' lines which are also called 'win' and 'right' bets if you wish to become a shooter. The game is divided into rounds: players at the table move clockwise and each has a right to be a shooter. Some players can easily choose not to roll the dice but they still bet. The dice in its turn moves from one shooter to another. Traditionally a shooter gets multiple dice (usually 5) from a 'stickman'. They should choose 2 to roll with. Those dice have to be returned to a bowl of the stickman without using.

Every round includes 2 parts: 'come-out' and 'point'. Shooters make one or several come-out rolls in order to begin a round. If this roll implies 2, 3 or 12 the round ends and players lose the pass line bets. The 7 and 11 come-out mean winning results for those who bet on pass line. Playing craps at casino do not forget that you can easily get some pleasant bonus via using a certain method of casino banking.