Online Roulette

Online roulette was, is and will be extremely popular as well as its real version which is immanent for every land-based casino. Everybody wants to try his luck and earn some money since roulette is a game of pure chance that assumes equal conditions for all players. The objective of this game is well-known by many: a player tries to predict the particular slot where the ball will land when the roulette wheel stops. Pre-determined schedule indicates payouts.

Roulette Online Variations

There are several interesting variations of online roulette game. Without any doubt, here every reader will think about American and European types of roulette and it's quite understandable - these two variations are most played and known. So which roulette table would you choose?

Online Roulette Is Offline Roulette Plus Comfort
Online Roulette Is Offline Roulette Plus Comfort $777 Welcome Bonus

Roulette game is probably the oldest and for sure one of the most popular casino games. Lots of players try their luck in roulette and many of them get great money. Particulary Online Vegas casino offers the gamblers a generous bonus of $777. Thus, stop hesitating and use your chance!

European and American Online Roulette

The original version of roulette can be overviewed by us now since the European roulette implies its exact copy. Actually European wheel differs from American only by the fact it has one slot less on the wheel. Players considered European roulette to be more profitable in comparison with the American variant since the European house edge is 2.7% while American is 5.26%. The explanation is easy: these two types have different odds because American roulette wheel contains one extra slot for double zero (00). One more diverse feature assumes that numbers of European wheel are located more randomly if compared to American. It's impossible to say which game is better as they are just different and each of them is interesting and exciting.

Other Variations of Online Roulette Game

Traditionally players and experts single out two types of online roulette mentioned above and don't attach much importance to other variations of roulette online, so we can show lion casino to give you all variations . For instance, one of popular roulette types is No Zero Roulette which is available only in online mode. The Progressive Roulette also has lots of fans. This type is considered to be very interesting: in spite of really high house edge players have possibility to get a progressive jackpot if they are aware of roulette strategy. The up-to-date version of online roulette called Multiple or Virgin Roulette gains an incredible popularity. Several variants of the wheel in one gaming session allow gamblers to play 2 or more wheels at a time.

You should always remember that apart from your game choice you should pay heed to online roulette bonuses frequently offered by casinos. Some of them can be really profitable or offer different extra games for more practice.