Strategy for Roulette

Since RNG determines the fate of the players playing online keno or slots, such players have readily accepted this idea. There are various betting systems of roulette, which claims success. With time, none of them have proved to change the average loss or win ratio as far as online roulette is concerned.

Even then, it's worth to analyze the betting strategies used in roulette, if you want to understand their non-functioning and random nature for both online and land-based roulette! Here you will find a short description about 2 most prolific betting strategies of roulette game. However, do not forget to get familiar with roulette rules previously.

Roulette Strategy: Possible and Impossible Things to Do

Betting Strategies of Roulette


It is the most popular amongst all the roulette systems. In this system, for every lost bet, the number is doubled in the subsequent bet and when the player finally wins, he recovers his entire loss. Using this strategy, you come back to your preceding bet and start all over again. And hence, it's considered as the standard method of negative progression.

D'Alembert System

This is another very famous roulette system, which permits the player to move up by a small increase when they lose the bet and to decrease by the exact same amount when they win. Since this strategy follows a linear progression instead of exponential one, it reduces the player's bet. This setup has got too many variants in roulette systems, which includes adding a varying quantity to the player's bet or reducing it in some particular cases. In roulette systems, since the probability of any output does not exist, any roulette strategy including this one does not guarantee your chances of winning the game.

In brief, a player should go through the following few more strategies of roulette to start the winning the game just like those players who have almost spent their life at the roulette table acquiring knowledge about this game. Here they are:

Analyze and make up a plan for yourself as to how much you could afford to gamble, how much you can risk and how much you can lose. Always keep a part of your profit aside to minimize your loss and be at safe side.