Payment Methods in Casinos

Currently US casino players get the option of depositing by means of EWalletXpress, Visa or MasterCard Credit & Debit cards, Quick Tender, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Credit Cards

Online Casino Banking: Payment Methods, Various Benefits

Almost all online casinos big or small accept payment through Credit cards. While VISA & MasterCard are standard options one can also find local alternatives like UK Cards Solo. Casinos do not have any problem with the users opting to use their credit cards however it's in the interest and the safety of the players themselves to use their cards carefully. As it might turn out to be a risky proposition, just like a gambling legality itself! However, casinos do offer suggestions and advices to their players in case of any issue for a fair gambling.


E-wallet was a respite to the users who were aware of the risk involved with using the credit cards in online gambling. E-wallet was an easier and safer mode of payment. It is nothing but essentially an online savings bank account where one could deposit money. For depositing credit cards can be used but for further financial transactions with the casino you can easily do so by means of this online account known as E-wallet. This might seem like a lengthy way for a lot of players, but one can't ignore the advantages of using E-wallet. You get total control of the amount of money you want to put in gambling without any hassles from credit card limits. Also you can keep track of the money being spent on gambling that gives good information about expenses on the game. As E-wallet is exclusively meant for gaming purposes, it can be used before casino game and promptly tell a player about his performance.

Bank Transfers

A lot of varieties of direct money transfers are available between a player's account & the casino & a few of those are quite easy to use and convenient for both the sides. Wire transfer can be considered one of the most popular and well known methods of payment transfer where one could just transfer the money directly from his bank account to the accounts of casinos. Though it is undoubtedly one of the safest means available, it's also quite costly in comparison to other options of withdrawal. But a lot of gamblers still prefer it because the quick processing time compensates for the extra cost.